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APE Night Light Project

The APE Night Light Project is being done by second grade students at Avery Parson’s Elementary (APE) school in Buena Vista Colorado. The product is a flash light which can also be used as a bike light or be fastened to anything with its 18 inch Velcro strap. The product is made using bright white LED lights and circuits provided from Evan Designs (website below). The circuitry is cased in discarded roll on deodorant canisters. The lights run on 9V batteries.

Some argue that second grade is a little too young for these types of projects. However, in my experience, the biggest problem with teaching youngsters math is that they see no meaning or purpose for it. That is because 9+8=17 or 25x9=225 means absolutely nothing! Numbers without any units or explanation mean nothing. The sooner kids can see the purpose behind math and science, the sooner they will become interested in learning these concepts.

The purpose of the APE Night Light Project is to have a practical educational experience where students learn math, science, creative writing, and solve real world problems. The goal is for students to see the practical aspects for learning (in particular math and science) as it is applied in the real world. The project fosters creativity and business acumen as students learn how to create a business, market products, and understand the financial implications on product pricing and profits.

LED Company – Evan Design

Evans Designs Website

Avery Parson’s Elementary School

Avery Parsons Elementary School Website

Mrs. Propernick’s Second grade Class

Mrs. Propernick’s Second Grade Class

Product Features

Light Weight and Compact

Water Proof


Recycles plastic deodorant canisters

Low Power and energy efficient – Single LED Flashlight runs up to 40 hours and Triple LED Flashlight runs up to 30 hours

Product Usages

Flash Light

Bike Light

Reading Light

Wrist Lamp

Product Video

APE Night Light Video

How To Build the APE Flashlight Video

Product Pictures

APE Night Light Picture
APE Night at Work
APE Night Light in Dark
Reading the Label of an APE Night in the Dark
Picture of the APE Night Light Electronics
Picture of the Glued In Switch and Velcro Strap

Product Types

Single LED APE Night Light

Super Bright Triple LED APE Night Light

Single LED APE Night Light with Velcro Strap

Super Bright Triple LED APE Night Light with Velcro Strap

How To Instructions

Project Description and Instructions Written by Second Grade Student

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