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Is America Dying?

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My new book entitled: Is America Dying? The book is currently available as of March 23, 2009. It can be purchased from this web site (below) or from the following sources:

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Simply do a search on my name or on the book title

If you purchase the book from this site below, I will send you a signed copy

Here is a brief description of the book:

An in depth look at fanatical behavior that is generating turbulence, chaos, destruction, and unpredictability leading to the widespread division and polarization amongst Americans. What is wrong with the United States and the world as Americans head into the twenty-first century? The main issue seems to be that people are more divided and polarized than ever before. The six barriers polarizing Americans discussed in "Is America Dying?" are: Religion, National Organizations, Human Influences, External Influences and Traits, Politics, and Diversity.

Here is a brief bio on the author:

Patrick Bohan graduated from Penn State University with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering in 1986. He spent the next 21 years working for a high technology company where he held a number of positions from individual contributor to management. His greatest achievement was being elected Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff in 2006, for his technical contributions. He had more than 20 publications and patents in the field of Test Engineering. Patrick has also published an investment book entitled: “MoneySense: A Commonsense Road to Financial Security and Early Retirement”, in 2001. He followed his own advice, and retired in 2007, at the age of 43. He and his wife have moved to Colorado to enjoy the outdoors. Patrick is as avid hiker and mountaineer. He has climbed all of the state high points except Alaska (One failed attempt on Mount McKinley). He has climbed over 30 of Colorado’s 54 fourteen thousand foot peaks (14ers). His greatest alpine achievement is a winter ascent of the Grand Teton. Patrick has taken all of his life experiences, and uniquely related them to our national problems in this ground-breaking book. Thus, “Is America Dying?” is a cross between an autobiography and a political publication.

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To Purchase “Is America Dying” Please Hit the Buy Now Button Below using PayPal. The cost is $20.95 plus $2.50 for shipping for a total of $23.45. Wholesale for the book is normally $21.95. The book is 372 pages using 6”x 9” dimensions.

The Theory of Mediocrity

You can read my blog “The Theory of Mediocrity” at:
Patrick Bohan’s Mediocrity Blog Website

You can read my blog “The Theory of Mediocrity” at:
Patrick Bohan’s Mediocrity Blog Website

You can read my blog “The Evolution of Mediocrity” at:
Patrick Bohan’s Evolution Blog Website

You can read my blog “Modeling Mediocrity” at:
Patrick Bohan’s Modeling Results Blog Website

MoneySense: A Commonsense Road to Financial Security and Early Retirement

MoneySense is Patrick’s first book that was published by Kroshka Books in May 2001. The book comes with a software program to implement what is taught in the text. To obtain more information on MoneySense go to Website
Be sure to do a search on MoneySense in the book section.

Recent Approved Patent’s

Patent on a Test System

Patent to Test Pipeline Converters using Bohan Functions

Medical Statistics and Modeling Services

If you would like my services (free) to run statistical models to find correlation between symptoms and remedies for any medical disorder, please email me. Doctors fail to do the math to find correlation. Face it, most people’s records sit in a file and collect dust and not potential solutions. You can find the results of a study that I did for Benign Fasciculation Syndrome (BFS) at the below site:

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